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Chemical-free Tomatoes are no longer a dream
Thanks to the project realised by scientists from IZTECH, it will be possible to produce tomatoes without using the chemicals involving carcinogen substances and therefore ruining the ecological balance. Led by Professor Dr. Sami Doğanlar of IZTECH Molecular Biology and Genetics Department and supported by the SANTEZ programme of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, this project will enable Turkey to have a say in the world market by making it a country exporting seeds.

Turkey’s aim is to accelerate R&D activities to produce advanced goods and export products with high added value. To this end, IZTECH has completed a project that can help Turkey. The project will enable the production of tomatoes that are resistant to various disease factors and provide higher efficiency.   

 Turkey produces around 10 million tomatoes a year, 2,5 million ton of which is for the industry and the rest is for daily consumption. Seeds for tomatoes produced for the industry are all imported. Scientists working for 3 years in laboratories at IZTECH have discovered strong tomato genes that are resistant to various diseases, stress and harmful insects, all of which hamper efficiency and that yield tomatoes whose taste and quality do last. 

This is certainly good news for Turkey in that it will stop the country’s dependence on imports as well as reduce farmers’ reliance on chemicals to fight harmful insects and thereby cut down on the negative effects done to humans and the environment.

Son Güncelleme : Evrim Yakut 07.08.2017 14:29
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