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TYYC Framework
National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in Turkey
Qualifications for higher education mean what a person achieving any higher education degree is supposed to know, do and be competent about.
National Qualifications Framework in Turkey defines the efforts to be made by higher education institutions to increase the transparency, recognition and mobility in higher education systems of these with the objectives of Bologna Process.
National Qualifications Framework in Turkey has been described with four cycles including associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Besides, degrees given for each level of cycles have been readjusted.

Application efforts for National Qualifications Framework in Turkey on the higher education programs level have been envisaged to be completed by the end of December 2012. In this context, information meetings are organized periodically at our Institute. Besides, ‘program outcomes’ and ‘learning outcomes’ which are compulsory for obtaining the qualifications of National Qualifications Framework in Turkey are going to be revised all departments. As a result of the redefinition of ‘student work load’, the faculty recalculates the ECTS credits. Finally, for achieving sustained improvement on all data received, efforts for arranging data base have started.


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