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Diploma Supplement
Diploma Supplement
The Diploma Supplement (DS) is one of the key elements of Bologna Process that aim to create a European Higher Education Zone in which Turkey takes part as well. In addition, according to the Article IX.3 of the “Convention related to the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region”, it is obligatory that the Diploma Supplement, developed in cooperation with the European Commission and the Council of Europe, should be used by higher education institutions of the countries that have signed it. It is a document designed to provide information in a “common and comprehensible” way in the field of higher education diplomas and degrees in Europe. The supplement is not a transcript, a diploma or a CV and it does not guarantee academic or professional recognition. It accompanies the diploma to promote international transparency and to aid recognition of the diplomas and degrees received in other countries.

The diploma supplement of our Institute was awarded with “Diploma Supplement Label (DSL)” in 2010 by the European Commission. Thanks to the DSL, with the approval of its reliable and accurate diploma supplement, our Institute became one of the 11 universities in Turkey and one of the 105 universities in Europe having the same status.                    

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