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IZTECH Without Barriers
IZTECH Without Barriers
IZTECH Without Barriers Club was founded on November 3, 2009 in accordance with the 8th article of Regulation numbered 26204 for the Consultation and Coordination of the Disabled in Higher Education.

The aim of IZTECH Without Barriers Club is to minimize the difficulties facing our disabled students during their education on the campus and in the dormitories and to provide support for their equal participation into the fields of education, social life and cultural activities.

A disabled  person is someone who is limited in various fields of life and faces barriers due to the social/administrative attitudes and preferences in view of  their inborn and postnatal illnesses as well as disabilities (visual/functional/mental/spiritual differences) that may have occurred as a result of accidents.

These disabilities can be grouped as follows:

Physical disabilities,

Visual disorders,

Hearing disorders,

Speech and language disturbances,

Psychiatric/Psychological problems,

Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity,

Learning difficulties,

Neurological disorders,

Autism,Asperger’s syndrome,

Other disabilities: Chronic disorders.

Application to IZTECH Without Barriers Club is on a voluntary basis.

Support areas:

Arranging and modifying the campus in such a way that can eliminate the barriers

Creating a suitable learning environment to the students,

Providing them with the scholarship opportunities,

Providing support during the social adaptation process,

Preparing educational programs for raising awareness about the disabled,

Developing transportation facilities,

Providing psychological counseling and guidance services.


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