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CMS (Course Management System)
CMS is founded with the aim of helping to share the content and course materials and prepared by the lecturers. Both students and lecturers can log into the system with their institutional e-mail accounts and passwords.

Lecturers can upload the files -they have prepared or obtained from other sources- such as presentations (.ppt, .pptx, etc.), documents (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc.), audios (.mp3, .wav, etc.), videos (.mpg, .avi, .mkv, .flv, youtube, metacafe, etc.), pictures (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.), animated applications (java applets, .swf animations etc.) as course content or resources, or they can add links for another page, set up a new page and share all these with their students.

In this system, lecturers can assign homework for their students, form wikis, conduct surveys, arrange online conversations, provide an environment for discussions by opening forums on any topic, open chat sessions containing real-time audios, videos, presentations and notes on the board thanks to virtual class applications. For the activities mentioned above, they can also give grades with the automatically-created grade entry. With the grade book module aggregate marks can be given and desired statistics (Average, Standard Deviation etc.) can be obtained from the system.

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