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Teknopark Izmir
"tech together"

Among its primary objectives are developing the technology to make the country’s industry compete in the international arena, increasing product quality and standards while decreasing the cost, converting technological information into economic value, supporting entrepreneurs and creating investment opportunities,  assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in their effort to adapt to new advanced technologies and to prepare the technological infrastructure which will draw foreign capital into the country, which, in turn, will make transfer of advanced technologies possible. 

Izmir Technology Development Zone occupies a central area of 218.4 hectares as well as an additional area of 6.4 hectares. It started operating within three buildings with the necessary infrastructure provided by Iztech. Today the total office area is 3550 m, the number of firms is 70 and the number of r&d and software development staff working for these firms is 282. When the main area of 218.4 hectares is ready for service, Izmir will be hosting a technocity which will contribute to the economy of the country and the Aegean region with its value-added, high-tech products.

As a result of the collaboration between the university and the business firms functioning in the region, university staff can take part in various projects and with the approval of related bodies at the university, they can even start their own companies using the advantages offered by the law concerning technology development zones in order to turn their projects into product. The zone also offers university students the opportunity to find part-time jobs and internship.

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