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IYTE-SEM (Continuing Education Center)
IYTE-SEM, was founded in 2001. Its aims are to contribute to the development of cooperation with public and private sectors, and national and international institutions with its continuing education programs in all the fields where our institute has conducted research, specialized and accumulated knowledge so as to serve the Turkish industry and the country’s development by giving education to the participants from various sectors, and ultimately, to give this service an international edge. In this way, the progress of science and technology and the information and technologies that are produced will be made available for the use of the country’s industry and the spread of this information and knowledge spreading to the society will be made possible in the widest sense.
Field of  Work
In accordance with its aims, IYTE-SEM organizes education programs at national or international levels, package programs, courses, seminars, conferences, congresses, and education fairs, and maintains the coordination of these kinds of activities for the public and the private sector, national and international institutions and individuals according to their needs. In addition to this, it promotes all the facilities offered by the Institute.

Apart from the above, IZTECH Continuing Education Center  organizes specific programs which are meant for only the staff of one institution upon demand.

İYTE-SEM'in faaliyetleri aşağıdaki linkten takip edilebilir. Katılımcılar istedikleri eğitimlere İYTE-SEM'in web sitesi aracılığıyla ön kayıt yaptırabildikleri gibi herhangi bir konuda eğitim için de istekte bulunabilirler.
How to apply?

IZtech Continuing Education Center  can be followed from the link below. Participants can both pre-register to some of the programs they want to participate via IYTE-SEM’s website, and they can make a request for training on any other topic.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koray Velibeyoğlu
Head of İYTE-SEM
90(232)484 7917


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